Sunday, December 23, 2012

Eggs & Berries #1

Since I have a willing companion, I decided to try out the restaurant Eggs and Berries (there’s little chance that I will travel all the way to Changi City Point by myself).

We took the route that Street Directory provided, taking bus 858 and changing to bus 31 at the Tampines Bus Interchange (that’s the long way, the better way will be to take the MRT to Expo – Changi City Point is just beside the Expo MRT station.

The restaurant was relatively easy to find. It’s a cheery little place with colorful striped chairs and tablemats. It was dinnertime by the time we arrived, and they had this cute egg-shaped table light (that is lighted by a light bulb). We were seated in a cozy corner seat.

Oh my, the whole A3 size menu on one side is dedicated to all-day breakfast, it looks like I will be coming back here quite often. I was famished, so I ordered two main courses – Cheese and Beef Omelette and Eggs Benedict, with pancakes as side dish (as suggested in “
Singapore's 5 Best All-Day Breakfast Joints” and hot chocolate for drink, while he had Grilled Chicken and Steak.

The hot chocolate came first, arriving in a small glass mug placed on a glass dish. It’s delicious, exactly how hot chocolate is supposed to taste like, all creamy and chocolaty.  
Next, my Cheese and Beef Omelette arrived, with the pancakes in a small side dish, and there is a rattan basket of chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce and maple syrup for the pancakes. I dug into the omelette – cheese and beef make such a wonderful combination (Sean loves it, evident from the words of praises coming from someone who is so stingy with praises when it comes to food).

After polishing off the omelette, I went on to the pancakes. Just like it was described in “Singapore’s 5 Best All-Day Breakfast Joints”, they are ‘extra light and pillow-like’. Since there are three of the pancakes and I have three sauces, I had every pancake with a different sauce. The maple syrup is normal, it’s just like the ones McDonald have. The raspberry sauce has a slightly sour taste to it, which I rather liked, but I have to say the one that stands out is the chocolate sauce. It’s not those chocolate syrups that you get from supermarkets, it’s thick like real melted chocolate (but I could be wrong).

My second main course arrived shortly. It is just as described in “Singapore’s 5 Best All-Day Breakfast Joints” ‘The Eggs Benedict have yolks that are done to perfection –sunshine-orange that flows like lava at a poke. Served on toasted English muffins with bacon, ham, hash browns and salad, it comes with sides such as lima beans and a carved tomato topped with garlic, breadcrumbs and herbs’.

Learning from Sean’s mistake, I scooped the whole yolk using a fork and stuffed it into my mouth. The egg yolk burst in my mouth like fireworks.

I am one of those people who feel that a meal should end on a sweet note, so I had Crème Brulee for desert. There was nothing special about the crème brulee itself, but it came in the cutest egg-shaped glass vessel.

I had a very satisfying meal. I am sure I will be back for more.

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